SeniorservicesWe would like to bring to your attention our special senior citizen’s service.  Besides budget moving we can also offer you a senior citizen’s service.

Moving can be pretty nerve wrecking business, especially when you're not that young anymore. That’s why it is good to know that we can be a trustworthy partner who understands the emotional factors involved in moving, and who can take care of all your removal affairs.

´t Hoentje & van der Zalm is an expert in moving senior citizens. We have many senior citizens as clients, so we know all about your new housing situation.
Why is the combination “t Hoentje & van der Zalm and moving an ideal combination?

  • Patience and respect for the client
  • Clear quotations
  • The know-how to answer all your questions
  • Fair prices

We can offer you the following services

  • Taking down and putting up of curtains and rails.
  • The moving of your furniture.
  • Moving and placing of your electrical appliances, such as fridge, washing machine etc.
  • Cleaning of your old house.

We also work together with very reliable carpet-layers, electricians, wallpaper specialist, etc.

After discussing everything with you, we will contact the senior citizens’ home to set a removal date and make your life a little easier for you, by taking away a lot of worries.

Temporary storage of your furniture is also possible.
It is possible for our senior citizens to visit their own storage container 5 days per week (after making an appointment).

We have realised a special discount with many senior citizen’s homes.


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