Removal suggestion


As soon as you know when the removal takes place:

  • request a telephone connection
  • arrange a possible takeover of furniture from the owners of your new home
  • request removal leave from your employer
  • request for possible payment of removal costs
  • change/stop automatic banks debits
  • collect address change forms from the post office and fill them in
  • discard items you don’t want to take with you

Moving to another town

  • Deregister yourself from the town council register where you live
  • Get a permit from the new town council register
  • Ask for a new town guide

4 till 2 weeks before you move

  • Make a list of all the address changes you want to send out
  • Inform your doctor
  • Inform your dentist
  • Inform social welfare
  • Inform your insurance
  • Inform the town council
  • Inform the old schools
  • Apply for new schools for your kids
  • request a new post box
  • request your electricity company to disconnect electricity
  • request the water company to read the water meter
  • arrange electricity for your new home
  • arrange the water for your new home
  • make a new name sign
  • change newspaper subsription


The last two weeks before you move

  • inform the house master
  • take care of old and new house keys
  • arrange heating of your old and new house
  • secure important papers which you don’t need at this time in a safety deposit box
  • store all valuables (jewellery etc.) in a safety deposit box
  • Start packing

The last few days before you will move

  • pack everything you don’t need at the last moment
  • buy easy fast food meals for the night before and the day of your removal
  • use the last day of garbage collection to get rid of things you don’t want to take

On the last day before the removal

  • switch off fridge and clean
  • dry the fridge completely
  • say goodbye to the old neighbours
  • pack the last items left

On the day of the removal

  • remove the last curtains
  • put all keys on a key ring in your hand luggage
  • put money and papers in your hand luggage
  • write down the water and electricity meter readings
  • close the gas supply
  • shut down electricity (except if its in use for heating the house)
  • during winter drain all water pipes
  • make sure all doors and windows are secure
  • give keys to the house master

After the removal

  • contact us about the empty boxes
  • introduce yourself to the new neighbours
  • introduce yourself to the new house master
  • check if post change works
  • arrange new automatic bank debits
  • return the questionnaire of your removal company
  • recommend our firm to you colleagues and friends if they want to move
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