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Packing guides and supplies

 Of course good packing is an art in itself and we will be more than happy to help you with the following suggestions:

Packing books

Pack books as much as possible upright in the box to avoid damage to the books. Once you packed one standing row in the box you can consider the box as full.

Packing delicate items

First dismantle loose parts of goods such as clocks and computers
Then they can be put in a box, we take care of that.
We have special boxes For packing your P.C.

Packing paintings and robes

Just leave paintings and framed decorations on the walls.
On the removal day we will pack them in special painting boxes.
Your hanging robes will be packed in special wardrobe boxes, so leave them hanging in your own wardrobe

 't Hoentje & Van der Zalm,
At your service, as always!


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